SITE PREPARATION - elevator job

So first topic is SITE PREPARATION

               Site preparation is basically making the site ready for elevator installation. According to the design and the drawings will be different.

               You can check out the classification section to find out the types of lifts.
               So when the drawing arrives according to the information we send to the design center, we have to check the drawing to the site situation and by having a meeting with customer or customer representative. We have to discuss all the things we required for the installation.  Floor heights needs to be checked, shaft size , pit depth, headroom, machine room and storage space. The shaft preparation is a continues process. All the things under the preparation section need to be covered. In companies there will be dedicated team for this works. They will have procedure to carry out these processes. After the site preparation the site will be handed over to installation team for inspection. In between this according to the site readiness date the material would have ordered for manufacture in the factory and delivery have to take place in the  site.

              The one who has the responsibility of this Site Preparation should document all the meetings and communication with the client. The verbal communication is not valid unless you are recording the calls and discussions. In some countries this is illegal, the paper documentation or mail documentations are to be done. And you can save them online in any cloud services free or paid. this will allow you access to all of these documents anywhere.  You also need to save the site location.

             The first thing you have to get from the site is the Engineers number. This things depends upon what type of site is yours. For a highly coordinated big project you will have dedicated personal or division you have to contact for your preparation purposes. Get all the involved personals number, Email details. Save them.  Now check the drawing and study the drawing. Make sure you have the approved drawing with you. If the site is in construction stage the check the construction of the shaft. If found any difference alert client and the design department at once. get a conclusion and avoid problems in the future. If the site is ready below are the main things you need to check to ensure error-less  project.

1. Floor heights.
2. Shaft dimensions

          You can see the link    SHAFT DIMENSION CHART

3. What shaft is made of?
4. Bracket positions are acceptable?
5. Shaft does not have projections.
6. Shaft is clean and painted?
7. Storage for materials
8. Electrical matters
9. Positioning of controller and other parts
10. Position of electric source.

              Preparation is not a ONE day work. You need to follow up the processes.

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