Beggininers guide - job in elevator

My dear friends

This is my letter to all of

 Who are beginning in the elevator field
                   wish to begin


               If you are a job seeker and you consider elevator industry, you will have so many doubts and expectations. Please feel free to ask them in the comment section so that we could get you the information as a reply or a post according to the query.
             At first we will discuss about the training you must get before any technical posts in elevator field. In Our view you must know each and every steps of elevator businesses. Then only you can co-operate with each section of an elevator company.
             At present we are not at all talking about the factory section of the business. The thing we are going to talk about is

1. Site preparation 
2. Delivery
3. Installation
4. Commissioning
5. Quality checking
6. Tests
7. Handing over
8. Service inspection
9. Maintenance
10. Call backs / Break downs
11. Major break downs

letter  will continue explaining each topic

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