How Is Job In Elevator Industry

                          Dear friends talking about the Job in Elevator industry, first of all we should talk about "A JOB".
                           A JOB is a task or piece of work, especially one that is paid. 
                                       a paid position of regular employment.

So when some one pays you for your work its not a job. When he gives you work regularly.. then you have a job.

In the case of Elevator Industry you can have a job both inside and outside the company.

1. As a company employee
2. As a subcontractor to company.

The main Area of works are Factory part and Executing part. Executing part will be explained briefly in this post.

In this industry most matters is your experience, than your qualification. But when you start in a company it matters. Till a certain level experience is the main thing, but beyond that stuff turns over.

Main designation you may see in an elevator/ lift company are

1. Manager
2. Sales manager
3. Sales personal & coordinator
4. Field manager
5. Installation head
6. Service head
7. Installation Engineers
8. Service Engineers/ PROJECT MANAGERS
9. Installation coordinator
10. Service Coordinator
11. Installation technicians
12. Service technicians
13. Safety department
14. Quality department

In a multinational or a big company you could have found many chains of job post to withstand the load.

Normally all the posts will not have much more vacancy.
but some posts have more demand

1. Sales person
2. Installation technician
3. Service technician
4. Installation / Service engineers
5. Project managers
6. supervisor ( installation / service )

so i can explain you these five areas as well as i know.

1. Sales Person

            As you obviously know sales person will be selling the product to the potential customers. The main thing all the companies will look consciously is the EXPERIENCE. Most cases the Qualification for these jobs will be MBA. Some places they will look or a Degree. But in good companies the want B tech/M tech/BE. 

           Your knowledge about the current market is very important. If you are a fresher then just go join Local companies for the experience purpose. Most of the good companies seek for 3 - 4 year experienced personals.

           As you know the pressure on a sales person will be huge in an emerging market. But if your company is well established then may be a little free air is there for you. More about the sales category will be published soon.

2. Installation Technician

          The main work , the physical work happening in the job flow is handled by this category. Normally the qualification will be ITI  or any other technical qualification. There are also some short term  courses in this subject. But these are turned out to be useless.
           The main thing is experience. You should know the work to get the job. The experience  can be earned by working with subcontractors. To work with good companies you need minimum ITI qualification or very good experience and recommendation. After material delivered to the site when site is ready the installation teams work starts. More about the work will be posted separately and the link  is here

3. Service Technician

           Service technician is for the existing installation. Their work starts by taking over a installation from the installation department. The maintenance team should check and confirm all  the checklist points and take over the site to service departments. The main responsibilities are 
         1. Call backs ( Lift break downs or complaints )
         2. Scheduled service (Monthly or in Fixed intervals )
         3. System improvements
         4. Repair
         5. house keeping

Some companies will have a separate team for each of these things. That will be according to the company's business volume. Normally ITI qualification is enough. The qualification is according to the work and stages. For example...  for minor break downs a technician with a sufficient knowledge is enough but in case of a major breakdown,  more skilled man power is needed. More about it is here

4. Installation/ Service Engineers

         These people will be doing the planning and all over looking. They act like a connection chain between who works in the site and who works in the office. so they should have good technical knowledge and the office things. Most of the companies will choose experienced persons with technical degree qualification. Also Diploma qualification can achieve this  position by experience. More of this category is here.

5. Project Managers

         They will be recruited to the company when the sales team brings huge project in to the account. That thing can not be handled by engineers alone. Most of the project managers are Experienced engineers or they would have specialized in project management in their studies. More about them is here

6. Supervisors

         These guys will be looking after some site in all manor. Technical problems, talking to customer, managing the manpower at site. And they will also have to check the quality of the work. 

More about each and every category will be availed soon by posts

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