Elevator Basics

       I have been making posts about elevators / lifts here for a long time, but many of my readers still couldn't understand everything. So i decided to make a post on very basics of the "thing" elevator.

      Elevator or lift is a vertical transportation system which is used to transport people or goods.
As you can see in this website, there is different kinds of elevators. But most basic type is traction type. Traction type means, the elevator cabin is connected to a counter weight with special ropes through motor or machine. The movement is based on the friction of the rope on the motor pulley.

So as you can see in the above pic, there is a motor, elevator cabin and a counter weight in a typical elevator. The elevator cabin is, as you all know , for passengers to travel. The counter weight is to

1. Balance the cabin
2. Increase the friction of ropes on motor pulley
3. Helps to reduce motor capacity considerably.

       In the above pic you can see elevator cabin is in the top floor and counter weight is in the bottom the elevator shaft. Like this while motor rotates clockwise Elevator cabin comes downs until it reaches bottom floor and counter weight moves to the top.

       The elevator have doors in each floor and a seperate door for its cabin. When elevator is at a floor level , the cabin door couples with the floor door (landing door) and opens both doors simultaneously by motorised drive in cabin door (car door).  This coupling between car door and landing door will be mechanical.

        The landing doors of an elevator will be equipped with self clossing arrangement. Either by spring tension or by door weight arrangements. Also most importantly landing door will be having a saftey contact (saftey switvh). This switch will make contact if the door is closed. 

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