Site Preparation For Elevator / Lift

Site preparation for an elevator can  broken up as three parts

1. Before order confirmation
2. After order confirmation
3. After installation of elevator.

Here are the details 

1. Before order confirmation.

Preparation from the elevator company side.

     1.Ensure the elevator shaft / hoist-way readings obtained from the customer are correct.
        If the building is ready, Do a site visit and have a detailed study of the elevator shaft / hoist-way. 
                1. Floor to floor distance 
                2. Shaft width and depth in each floor
                3. Any projection in the shaft.
                4. Pit height available
                5. Head room height.
                6. Entrance wall measurements
                7. Entrance lintels measurement.
                8. Machine room measurements  / Cut out measurements,  if its a Machine room lift/elevator.
                9. If Machine room less elevator, study of the headroom area.

If the site is not ready collect all the details from the customers building drawing.

     2. Arrange a meeting with the customer ( Engineer/ client ). Let the customer understand, what are the options / choices the company can offer.  The scope of work if the order is finalized have to be discussed with the customer.  Normally the scope of work involves 

               1. Site civil works ( pit finishing, entrance civil works, cut outs and filling cutouts and buffer blocks , hook provision, button box fixing and finishing).

               2. Power supply cabling ( single phase or three phase as per specification of the elevator ) of desired size and spec to the machine room( machine room elevator) or  head room ( machine room less elevator ) ending in a specific value electrical metal Distribution board containing an Main switch  ( of desired spec ) , an ELCB ( earth leakage circuit breaker ), a neutral link and a double earth.  

                3. Shaft and machine room painting
                   The shaft and machine room have to be painted while unless its a glass elevator. This is done because the elevator shaft is a closed place. So more light and the visibility the better. For the maintenance purpose this is very important. The painting will reduce the dust generated as the elevator moves up and down in a closed shaft.

                4. Shaft and machine room lighting and socket fixing.
                    Shaft and the machine room need to be lighted for the installation commissioning purposes of the elevator, as well as for the future maintenance
                     Also need to provide the power socket outlets for installation and the maintenance purposes. The position of the shaft lights and sockets are to be fixed after confirming the drawing and the order. Normally every floor there will be a lighting and the socket points. one at the bottom most pit, one at the headroom and two in the machine room.

                5. Provision of  air conditioning the machine room need to be finalized considering the average atmospheric temperature. 
               6. Scaffolding installation

               7. Delivery date need to be discussed
               8. Storing place availability with lock need to be discussed.

               9. Site preparation according to the drawing need to be  discussed.

             10. Ladder to machine room, machine room door are to be discussed.

These items need to be discussed with the customer and finalize the scope matrix.

Preparation from the side of customer.

                As discussed in the above points according to the scope matrix customer need to check and find out what all are in his scope.And according to the scope matrix he have to do the site preparatory works. Preparatory works includes 

        1. Arrange a store according to the delivery date discussed with the supplier.
        2. According to the scope matrix, do the agreed works with coordination from the elevator company

        3. Keep documenting all the discussions with the company. 
        4. Arrange to make the site dimensions of the site specifications according to the drawing.

        5. Discuss all the needs and expectations to the company salesman

             like capacity ,cabin size,cabin finish, speed, type of display, options in the elevator etc. detailed specification of an elevator will be posted soon.


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