Elevator Entrance ( lift doors) - in detail

        Elevator entrance is the topic in the post. We will discuss the elevator landing entrance in detail.
First of all we have to know the conventional concept in the lift industry for the reference.  Below drawing will give you the clear idea. 

         Below is the shaft plan of a typical elevator.
You can see a label "OBSERVER". The observer is you.
Now you are facing the elevator in the direction shown in the drawing.
Now your left hand side in this condition  will be always lift's left hand side.

        I think you got the idea. When working, in the drawing we have to mention the left and right side of the lift in this way. 

        So when we say 'left side' it means the side of lift which will be in your left hand side when you are facing the main entrance. I said main entrance because there are lifts having more than one entrance.

         Now i think you got the idea of left , right , front and back side of the lift.

        We can discuss the entrance again. The entrance is the part through which you are entering in to the elevator car. Which is an arrangement for door which need to be coupled to the elevator car's door in order to operate.
        It is not as you might have thought. It is in the other way. The elevator have doors attached in all service floors which are fixed to the shaft wall at structural openings. This part is called landing entrance. The elevator car also have door. Elevator car moves up and down and stops at the level. At that time the elevator car's door will be mechanically coupled to landing entrance so that both landing entrance door and car door will operate simultaneously.  Car doors will be operated by a motor normally.

elevator entrance top view

      So in the above drawing (shaft plan), red marked part is landing entrance. A landing entrance have many parts.

1. Door sill
2. Landing jamb/ landing frame
3. Landing header
4. Supporting brackets
5. Toe guard
6. Sliding doors
         These are the main parts of a landing entrance which we need take care in the drawing. You can understand these parts position in the below diagram.
In some cases the doors will not be a sliding one. There may be manually operated one.
When you come to the industry you can find various models. For understanding  the typical parts are given. These landing entrance is not that simple. it has more parts for different functions. For example

Note: The red part in the above drawing is Landing sill. In the shaft plan the part shown for Landing entrance will be always Door sill. 

1. Electrical safety contacts.
2. Self closing system
3. Door panels coupling  arrangements
4. Car door to landing door coupling arrangement.
5. Door hangers
6. Door tracks
7. Mechanical door locking system
8. Door shoes

elevator entrance side view - elevatorstudy.com

         There are mainly two types of door system based on 'door panel' opening design.

1. Center opening .
2. Side opening.

Center Opening Doors

        The center opening doors are most common. Two panels will join at the center in the 'door closed' state. And open from center to left and right sides.
center opening door- elevatorstudy.com

multipanel center opening door- elevatorstudy.com

          Center opening doors are two panel  and multi-panel
These differences are to accommodate door system in small space as possible.
In two panel doors the clear opening we can provide is limited because the panels need enough space outside door jamb to give clear opening.  When using multi-panels the space required outside the doorjamb for opening position will become half of that of two paneled one.

        The major drawback of the multi-panels one are more maintenance. More panels means more parts more parts means more maintenance.

        In the case of high capacity lifts for cargo and car wide opening is needed , as much as car internal width. The multi-panel will help there.

Side Opening Doors

        Side opening doors are famous now , after the introduction of Machine Room Less Elevator.
In this type of Elevator the machine will normally accommodate one side of the shaft. counter weight also will be positioned in that side. to give the maximum clear opening and use the area in the shaft more efficiently side opening doors will be used.
side opening door- elevatorstudy.com

side opening door- elevatorstudy.com

         In this we would have missed many points. Please feel free to ask all you doubt about this particular topic and the whole elevator in the commend section. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

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