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                       The elevator or lift business is a competent one now. It all starts when the plots are filled with buildings. Then people started thinking about making multi storied buildings. The importance and necessity of elevator became clearer than ever before. As the buildings grow taller the fortune of the elevator industry also got the green signal which is never red until now. Still now there is nothing else to replace lifts in buildings. As the green signal glowed , investors started to enter the market.
                       Nowadays the lift market came faraway from where it started. Product diversity, product quality, product life, service quality, service quantity, execution and presentation level, all these factors are improved. No need to mention the explosion of turnover and expansion of international business. In terms of technology the improvement is unimaginable. The traveler's safety, comfort.. etc, all are at a level which wouldn't have involved in the dreams of elevator people of history. As the competition is tight in the market the companies are grown in to  socially committed organizations. They are thinking of making their brand more and more respective in society by getting involved in the global problems.This means the areas of technical aspects are almost covered now.
                 As we have now reached the era of  technological explosion, the companies leading the front have all the facilities that can be offered in the field.

                 The prices of low and mid - financial sections are very competitive. The higher financial sections are ruled by relation-experience and feedback trios.
               The main line companies offers world class product and service.
               Once the elevator order confirms, the relation of company with the client starts and it ends until the maintenance contract goes away from the company of some reason. So the selection of the elevator company for a project need to be very care full.
            Also Mr. Job seeker ..... you .. too need to be careful before selecting the company.
            Before that keep it in mind that   first of all you have to check , which list of companies will select you as their employ!!!... means your skills and qualifications.
             The job seeker need to check the facilities in the company... not what you hear in an interview. But you have to check what's the situation actually is.
             Training facilities, payroll, reputation, brand, chance of growth, history, etc.. have to be checked by the job seeker. We will be posting soon regarding
            How to select your elevator company as an employer...


            How to select an elevator company as a customer.

The main first-class companies in the world are listed below.

Elevator companies.
1. Otis
2. Mitsubishi elevators and escalators
3. Schindler
4. Kone
5. Thyssenkrupp
6. Toshiba
7. Hyundai
8. Hitachi

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