The safety in a Elevator

             Nowadays elevators are highly developed in all respects. especially in the case of safety. the special safeties which are included in the modern elevators are

1. Door safety
    Door safety refers to the function of stopping elevator movement if any of the landing/car doors are open.

2. Different stop switches
    Stop switches are used by technicians or the emergency rescue people. Stop switches stop the elevator movements electrically.

3. Buffer safety switch
    Buffer switches are activated if the car/cabin or the counterweight is over travelled to the top or the bottom side of the hoistway/shaft. This will electrically stop the elevator from moving any further.

4. Over speed governing devices
    Overspeed governor or OSG is stopping the elevator both electrically and mechanically if the elevator speed is more than the rated speed. If the ropes holding the elevator brakes or the breaks fails to act the situation of over speed can occur. There are two types of OSGs. One will act in both up and down directions, one will only act in elevator cabin is moving in down direction.

5. Terminal limit switches
6. Terminal slowdown switches
7. Overload safety
8. Door sensors
9. Toe guards
10. ARD
11. Emergency lignting
12. Floor announcement
13. Door motor belt break switches
14. Osg swiches
15. Hand rail
16. Counter weight safety switch
17. Car and Landing door lock switches
18. Safety gear switch
19. Break function switches
20. Manual rescue safety switches

    W e will keep this list updated because each year the safety in the lift is getting smarter and smarter.

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