Intention of the blog

The blog elevator study is intended for
1.Anyone who want to knew about elevator  

2.Working professionals in this elevator field

3.Beginners of this field

        This blog work is started on 1/26/2012 and currently improving by adding new data.  

               My name is sumesh pakkan and now this is my 8th month in this field.  I am starting this blog in order to have complete international information exchange, other than major company secrets.

              I will try to include every piece of information, i knew through the posts. All the personal who are interested to write some post can contact me by my email And don't worry  i will publish the post in your own name if it is a valid post. Comment, and make the information exchange to come true.
              I also wish to say many institutes and personals are making fool out of students who are interested in the field and they makes money out of poor student's dreams. this should be terminated so i thought that it is very essential to have a open source place where they get all information free and the correct guidance. all the readers who have experience , have the responsibility to guide them.
so am repeating this blog is all of yours. Am not a very good professional, i have also doubt and errors. please correct me if you find any incorrect posts. thank you    

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